5 Best Overhead Lighting For Photography Studio: Newer Venture

Overhead lighting can light the shady area while capturing the best photos. But unless you pick a good lighting tool for your photography, you won’t get the optimum outcome that you’re looking for.

We all know how overhead lighting can help create a dramatic effect in films and photography. So, want to get the best lighting for the photography studio? Today, we will share our insights about it.

StudioFX 2400 Watt Softbox Continuous Photo Lighting Kit will be the top choice if you want a quick suggestion. But if you want to compare a few choices while learning more about overhead lighting, let’s get right into it!

Best Overhead Lighting For Photography Studio- Let’s Dissect More!

1. GIJUANRING 2 Packs Dimmable Bi-Color LED Video Light

Core Specifications:

  • 3200K-5600K adjustable and changeable white light with warm light
  • Adjustable brightness from 10%-100%
  • Made with durable and easily portable aluminum alloy light stand
  • 50000H of LED life

Reasons To Buy:

  • 376pcs(188pcs Yellow+188pcs White) LED QTY
  • 50000H long LED life
  • Easily adjustable color temperature
  • It can be used handheld and provides a good grasp due to the groove design

Reasons To Avoid:

  • It might not offer a good balance

When you want to brighten up the right areas, this one is the perfect companion you are looking for. Starting at its mechanism, it is built of durable and easily portable aluminum alloy. As a result, you can take it here and there without much trouble. Also, the mechanism talks about longevity and quality.

Besides, it comes with 50000H long LED life that will support your photography sessions for a long time. The adjustability is also top-notch, which served us in the perfect way during our overhead shooting.

Any studio requires the daylight temperature at 5500K to have a perfect shot. Whereas these lights offer 3200K-5600K lighting, which seems like a dream come true. When looking for the right lighting setup for your art studio, our vote goes to this one!

2. GSKAIWEN 180 LED Light Photography Studio LED Lighting Kit

Core Specifications:

  • The height of the stand is of 0.64Meters/25Inches to 2Meters/79Inches
  • 10,000 hours of LED lamp beads life
  • About 2.5 hours of usability without any heat-up
  • The vertical stand extension of almost 5 feet

Reasons To Buy:

  • Height flexibility both horizontally and vertically
  • Almost 2.5 hours of trouble-free usage without any heat production
  • Easy to take it anywhere due to the lightweight
  • 5500k perfect white light most promising for studios

Reasons To Avoid:

  • Average LED lifetime

The best thing about this lighting set is the way it assembles. It’s simple and efficient at the same time. The stand provides amazing stability to hold on to everything in the right place. Besides, the light won’t heat up for a minimum of 2.5 hours, so you can work trouble-free using the set.

If you compare the price, it is an amazing deal. They are offering awesome quality lighting 5500k that is good for photography and videography. Also, it will be of great help if you don’t own a big space. The minimalist approach suits well for this set-up.

Another great thing about this lighting kit is that the stand can hold everything straight. And whenever you need to adjust, you can reposition it without hassle. Lastly, we loved the lighting adjustability as we could dim it as needed; hopefully, you will love that too!

3. Neewer 700W Professional Photography

Core Specifications:

  • 5500K CFL Light Bulb with a low operating temperature
  • 83″/210cm light stand with adequate stability 
  • Comes with quick single-action locks for fast adjustment
  • The body is made out of aluminum alloy

Reasons To Buy:

  • Easy to set everything up, easier to adjust
  • The 700W lights are best for photography
  • Does not leave any harsh shadows during photography
  • Provides good portability options

Reasons To Avoid:

  • The lights might be a little heavy

If you don’t want to be confined to a particular space to use as your photography zone, this one is the right choice. You can easily carry the lights alongside stands anywhere you want. The portability of this kit is what we enjoyed the most.

Also, the assembling process is just like a piece of cake. It took just 10 minutes to set everything up. Not only for photography, but you can also use these for your podcasts and zoom meetings. The minimalist usage lets you use it even for the silliest purpose.

We all know how harsh shadows from the lighting kit can ruin the setup. If you want to avoid such annoyance, this kit will be the one for you. It doesn’t create harsh shadows; instead, the 700W lights provide adequate lighting for your photography needs.

4. StudioFX 2400 Watt Softbox Continuous Photo Lighting Kit

Core Specifications:

  • Adequate 5500 Kelvin warm daylight balanced bulbs
  • Includes two 16″X24″ softboxes and one 20″x28″ overhead softbox
  • The stand is of  8ft height and 10ft width
  • Includes 3 different colored 6’x9′ Muslin backdrop

Reasons To Buy:

  • Takes very little time to assemble
  • Professional packaging
  • Sturdy built quality that holds everything perfectly
  • Comes with three different backdrops to use

Reasons To Avoid:

  • Nothing found; you are all good to go

When you want to set up the perfect complete studio look, this one is everything you are looking for. The assembling procedure is just sleek. Also, as you get two 16″X24″ softboxes and one 20″x28″ overhead softbox, they can meet your requirements.

The bright lighting can switch your photographic enhancement instantly. You will love how powerful the bulbs are, and it becomes more appealing with the included black, white, and chromakey green backdrops.

Not only the pieces of equipment but the packaging also impressed us. You might doubt the quality when something comes at such a low cost. We did too. But to our utmost surprise, not only the kit but also the carrier bag also came as an incredible quality product.

5. EMART LED Video Light

Core Specifications:

  • Easy USB connectivity technology
  • Up to 180 degrees of angle adjustability
  • Creates amazing video effects with colorful Led video lights
  • The stand can be adjusted from 21 inches to 54 inches

Reasons To Buy:

  • The perfect height with extended adjustability
  • Awesome video effects solution with multiple colors (red, blue, orange, white)
  • Suitable for both photography and videography
  • Easily portable photography lighting kit

Reasons To Avoid:

  • The filtering is not top-notch

You will love this one when you are tired of light flickering in the photography setup. The light is adequate with awesome brightness and doesn’t flicker at all. The stands are enough to give you the exact height and adjustment needed.

While using the kit, everything seemed top-notch to us, and we wondered why they were providing this at such a reasonable cost. The tripod and other components can hold up through any repositioning.

The LEDs do not fade over time; you can also use them for your videographies. They come with a video effects solution with multiple colors of LEDs. So you can create an awesome environment just as you envisioned.

How Important Is Overhead Lighting In Photography?

When you have a special photography requirement, overhead lighting is the best shot you can go for. It lights up the shady areas making the subject more appealing. If you cannot make the subject visible with a good overhead lighting kit, there’s no way the client will like the outcome.

Usually, studios require adequate lighting even during daylight when you are working professionally. The overhead lighting is the best way to give a dramatic effect with a good visual perspective on the subject.

What To Look For While Buying Overhead Lighting For A Photography Studio?

  • Quality Of Light: you need adequate lighting and quality while setting up a studio with overhead lighting. The light needs to be enough to light up the whole area. Also, ensure that the light does not create harsh shadows and flickering.
  • Stand Quality: the tripod must be sturdy enough to hold everything together. Your light will fall off and break if the stand is not sturdy. Also, repositioning such tripods is a great hassle while shooting. So, buy a good one if you don’t want to make yourself crazy over making the tripod stand still.
  • The Number Of Lights: the number of lights impacts the photography quality greatly. You have to choose the number of LEDs depending on your studio size. You will need 4 lights to cover the overhead lighting if you have a big studio. Whereas the small areas can be perfected with 2 lights.
  • Special Requirements: You must pick wisely if you want to do both videography and photography with the same overhead lighting setup. Some kits provide both, whereas some are meant for photography studios only. Therefore, according to your need, pick whichever suits you the best.
  • Position: the stand type and position greatly improve the photo quality. So if you have any specific type of photography in mind, you must ensure the best positioning. And the tripod needs to help you with the repositioning. Buy the kit that offers good adjustability to meet your needs.
  • Backdrop: Some kits come with backdrops to give you the complete setup. So if you compare the pricing and components, go for the ones with backdrops included in the package. Therefore, you won’t have to buy different backdrops for your studio.
  • Portability: this is a must-have feature for the kits when you are planning outdoor shootings. If you change the shooting location a lot, you need to wisely pick your setup that can be easily portable here and there.

Further Queries Explained!

Is Overhead Lighting Flattering?

Overhead lighting can give you a sharp and clean look, providing lighting directly to the subject. So if you want a detailed photograph like product photography and portraits, overhead lighting will be good for you. But it casts shadows around the face except for the focus area, which may cause imperfections if you are a new photographer.

What Is Overhead Lighting Used For?

Overhead lighting is used to light up shady areas where light does not usually reach. However, it also creates a dramatic effect and good visual in the portraits, which makes the photos more appealing.

How Do You Film Overhead Without Shadows?

You can use a softbox and a good bounce board to overcast the shadows. Overhead photoshoot requires some intelligence to avoid the shadows that it causes. But a softbox can create a lot of difference to reduce the shady areas around the subject.

Is Light More Flattering Above Or Below?

Experts suggest using the lighting over the subject to ensure adequate lighting. However, getting too high up with the lights is also not suggested. You need to keep the light at an angle like the sun lights up our faces.

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Wrapping Up

Here you go! You got the top 5 choices for the best overhead lighting for photography studio. If you keep the tips and tricks of overhead lighting setup in mind, we are affirmative that these kits will serve you in the best possible way.

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