Canon T8I Vs Canon Sl3 – Difference and Comparison

If you’re in the market for a new DSLR camera, you may be wondering whether to choose the Canon T8I or the SL3. Both cameras have their pros and cons, so it’s important to compare them side by side to decide which one is right for you. The Canon T8I is a great choice for beginners or anyone on a budget.

It has an easy-to-use interface and takes clear photos and videos. However, it doesn’t have some of the advanced features that the SL3 offers, such as 4K video recording and a vari-angle touch screen. The SL3 is ideal for more experienced photographers who want all the bells and whistles.

It’s also a good choice if you think you might upgrade to a more advanced camera in the future; the SL3 is compatible with Canon’s higher-end lenses and accessories. However, it’s more expensive than the T8I and can be challenging to use if you’re not already familiar with DSLR cameras.

When it comes to choosing between the Canon T8I and SL3, there are a few key differences to consider. For starters, the T8I is a DSLR camera, while the SL3 is a mirrorless camera. This means that the T8I has a reflex mirror that helps to direct light towards the image sensor, while the SL3 does not have this feature.

As a result, the T8I is typically going to be better in low-light situations and will also provide more accurate autofocusing. Additionally, the T8I has a higher resolution than the SL3, meaning that you’ll be able to capture more detail in your photos. So, if you’re looking for a camera that performs well in low-light and can capture lots of detail, then the Canon T8I is probably the better option for you.

However, if you’re looking for a lighter weight camera with slightly less features, then the Canon SL3 might be a better choice.

Canon Sl3 vs T8i Hands On Comparison

Is T8I Good for Beginners?

The T8i is a great option for beginner photographers. It offers an excellent set of features and performance in a relatively small and lightweight body. The camera is also very easy to use, with an intuitive menu system and plenty of helpful guide modes.

If you’re looking for a good all-round entry-level DSLR, the T8i should definitely be on your list.

What is the Canon Sl3 Good For?

The Canon SL3 is a good camera for anyone looking to get into photography or improve their skills. It offers great features and image quality for the price, making it a great option for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Here are some of the things that make the Canon SL3 a great camera:

Image Quality: The Canon SL3 produces excellent images thanks to its 24.2 megapixel APS-C sensor. This sensor is capable of capturing a lot of detail, giving your photos a professional look. Low Light Performance: The SL3 performs well in low light thanks to its ISO range of 100-25600.

This allows you to take clear photos in dimly lit situations without having to use a flash. Fast Autofocus: The Canon SL3 has an impressive autofocus system that can lock onto your subject quickly and accurately. This is great for action shots or when you need to capture a fast-moving subject.

Video Quality: The SL3 can shoot Full HD video at up to 60 frames per second, allowing you to capture smooth, high-quality video footage.

Is Canon Sl3 Good for Photography?

If you’re looking for a great DSLR camera that won’t break the bank, the Canon SL3 is a great option. It’s a entry-level DSLR camera, but it still has features that make it a great choice for photography enthusiasts. For starters, the Canon SL3 has a 24.1 megapixel CMOS sensor and an DIGIC 8 image processor.

This gives it the ability to take stunning photos and videos with ease. The Canon SL3 also has 4K video recording capabilities, which is a huge plus if you’re looking to get into videography or just want to capture high-quality videos of your family and friends. And last but not least, the Canon SL3 comes with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can easily share your photos and videos with your social media followers or transfer them to your computer wirelessly.

Overall, the Canon SL3 is a great DSLR camera for anyone who wants to get into photography or videography without spending a lot of money.

Is Canon Sl3 Good for Astrophotography?

Yes, the Canon SL3 is a good camera for astrophotography. It has a number of features that make it ideal for this type of photography, including a high ISO range, low noise levels, and a fast shutter speed.

Canon T8I Vs Sl3

It can be difficult to decide which camera is right for you. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. But if you’re looking for a great entry-level DSLR, two of the most popular options are the Canon T8i and the Canon SL3.

So, which one should you choose? To help you make your decision, we’ve put together a side-by-side comparison of the Canon T8i and SL3. Keep reading to see how they stack up in terms of features, performance, and price.

Canon T8i vs SL3: Features When it comes to features, both cameras are very similar. Both offer 24 megapixels of resolution, Full HD video recording, and an optical viewfinder.

However, there are a few key differences worth noting. The Canon T8i has a slightly larger sensor than the SL3 (22mm vs 24mm), which means it will perform better in low light conditions. It also has a faster burst shooting rate (7fps vs 5fps), so it’s a better choice if you’re looking to capture action shots.

Lastly, the T8i offers built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, whereas the SL3 does not.


The Canon T8I is a great camera for beginners, while the SL3 is better suited for advanced users. Both cameras have their pros and cons, but the T8I is a great all-around camera that takes great photos and videos. The SL3 is a bit more expensive and has a few more features that make it better suited for advanced users, but both are great cameras.

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