Leica M6 Vs Canon Ae 1 – Here’s How to Make Your Choice!

In the world of 35mm rangefinder cameras, there are two that stand out above the rest – the Leica M6 and Canon AE 1. Both are highly regarded by photographers for their exceptional build quality, image quality, and shooting experience. So, which one is right for you?

Let’s take a closer look at each camera to see how they compare. The Leica M6 is a true classic, first introduced in 1984. It’s known for its all-metal construction and simple, elegant design.

The M6 is a fully manual camera, so you’ll need to know your way around aperture, shutter speed, and ISO if you want to get the most out of it. But if you’re up for the challenge, the M6 can produce some amazing results. The Canon AE 1 is also a manual camera, but it was first released way back in 1976.

Despite its age, the AE 1 is still a popular choice among photographers thanks to its robust build quality and easy-to-use controls. Like the M6, the AE 1 produces excellent results when used correctly.

There’s a lot to love about both the Leica M6 and the Canon AE 1. But which one is the better camera? It really depends on what you’re looking for.

If you prioritize image quality, the Leica M6 is probably the way to go. It has a full-frame sensor, which means that it can capture more light and detail than a Canon AE 1. Plus, Leica lenses are renowned for their sharpness and clarity.

On the other hand, the Canon AE 1 is no slouch in the image quality department either. And it has some features that the M6 doesn’t have, like autofocus and TTL metering. So if you prefer convenience over pure image quality, then the AE 1 might be a better choice for you.

Ultimately, there’s no wrong answer here. It just comes down to what your priorities are. If you value image quality above all else, go with the Leica M6.

But if you prefer a camera that’s easier to use, then go with the Canon AE 1 instead.

PORTRA 400 on THREE Different Cameras – Leica M6, Canon 1v, & Olympus Stylus

What Replaced the Canon Ae-1?

The Canon AE-1 was a 35 mm film SLR camera produced by Canon from 1976 to 1984. It was the first computer-controlled electronic camera, and the first Canon product to use an integrated microprocessor. More than 1 million units were produced, making it one of the most popular cameras ever made.

The AE-1 Program replaced it in 1981 as Canon’s new flagship general purpose 35mm SLR.

Why Do People Like the Leica M6?

When it comes to high-end rangefinder cameras, the Leica M6 is often considered one of the best. There are a number of reasons why people like this camera, but some of the most popular ones include its build quality, image quality, and overall performance. Build quality is something that Leica is known for, and the M6 is no exception.

The body is made from solid metal, which gives it a very sturdy feel. The control layout is also well designed and easy to use. Image quality wise, the M6 produces excellent results thanks to its sharp lens and good sensor.

And finally, in terms of performance, the camera is very responsive and quick to focus.

How Good is Canon Ae-1?

The Canon AE-1 is a 35mm film SLR camera introduced by Canon in 1976. It was the first camera with an embedded micro-computer, which made it quite popular at the time. The AE-1 is a very capable camera, and its popularity means that there is still a large selection of lenses and other accessories available for it.

It is also relatively easy to find parts and service for this camera. Overall, the Canon AE-1 is a good choice for anyone looking for a 35mm film SLR camera.

When was the Canon Ae-1 Program Discontinued?

The Canon AE-1 Program was a 35mm SLR film camera that was manufactured by Canon Inc. from 1981 to 1984. It was the first in Canon’s line of AE (Auto Exposure) series cameras, and was succeeded by the Canon AE-1P. The camera was popular when it was first released, and remained so for several years afterwards.

It became known as a “workhorse” camera, due to its ruggedness and reliability. However, by the early 2000s, the AE-1 Program began to show its age, and Canon discontinued it in 2004.

Leica M6 Vs Canon Ae 1

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Minolta Srt 101 Vs Canon Ae-1

In the world of 35mm film cameras, there are two that stand out above the rest – the Minolta SRT 101 and the Canon AE-1. Both are amazing cameras that have a loyal following, but which one is better? To answer this question, we need to look at the features of each camera.

The Minolta SRT 101 was released in 1966 and was one of the first SLR cameras with through-the-lens (TTL) metering. This means that it could accurately measure the light coming through the lens, rather than relying on a separate light meter. The Canon AE-1 was released in 1976 and was an update to Canon’s earlier FTb model.

It featured a new electronic shutter and improved metering system. So, which one is better? It really depends on what you’re looking for in a camera.

If you want a classic SLR with all the bells and whistles, then go for the Minolta SRT 101. If you want a more modern camera with slightly updated features, then go for the Canon AE-1.


In the world of 35mm film cameras, there are two that stand out above the rest – the Leica M6 and the Canon AE 1. Both are great cameras, but which one is right for you? The Leica M6 is a rangefinder camera that is popular with street photographers.

It is small and unobtrusive, making it easy to carry around with you. The Canon AE 1 is a SLR camera that is popular with portrait photographers. It has a larger body, making it easier to use for longer periods of time.

Both cameras have their pros and cons, but at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference. If you want a smaller camera that is easy to carry around, go for the Leica M6. If you want a camera with more features and better performance, go for the Canon AE 1.

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