Sony 24-70 F4 Vs Tamron 28-75 F2.8 – Difference and Comparison

There are many factors to consider when choosing between the Sony 24-70 F4 and the Tamron 28-75 F2.8. The most important factor is probably the price, with the Tamron being over twice as expensive as the Sony. However, there are several other important factors to consider.

The aperture is one of the most important, with the Tamron having a much wider maximum aperture than the Sony. This allows for better low light performance and more creative possibilities. The Tamron also has a slightly longer focal length range, which can be useful for certain types of photography.

In the world of DSLR lenses, there are a few key focal lengths that photographers tend to flock to. One of those ranges is 24-70mm. This range is great for everything from portraits to landscapes and everything in between.

But when it comes to choosing a lens in this range, things can get a little tricky. There are tons of different options out there, all with their own pros and cons. So, which one should you choose?

In this blog post, we’re going to pit two popular lenses against each other – the Sony 24-70 F4 and the Tamron 28-75 F2.8. When it comes to image quality, both of these lenses are excellent performers. They’re both well-built and produce sharp images with minimal distortion.

However, there is a bit of a difference in terms of aperture. The Sony has a maximum aperture of f/4 while the Tamron goes all the way up to f/2.8. That extra stop on the Tamron can make a big difference when shooting in low light or trying to achieve a shallow depth of field effect.

Another area where these lenses differ is price. The Sony retails for around $1300 while the Tamron will set you back about $950 . That’s quite a significant difference, although it’s worth noting that the Tamron does include an integrated hood – something that would cost extra if you were buying it separately for the Sony lens .

So, which one should you choose? If image quality and low light performance are your top priorities, then go with the Tamron 28-75mm F2 . 8 .

It’s also significantly cheaper than its Sony counterpart . However , if you need that extra stop of aperture for shallow depth of field effects or video work , then go with th e Sony 24 – 70mmF 4 . 0 .

Sony 24-70mm f4 vs Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 – Which one is best for you?

What are the Main Differences between the Sony 24-70 F4 And Tamron 28-75 F2

8 When it comes to lenses, Sony and Tamron offer different options at similar price points. The Sony 24-70 F4 lens is a good all-purpose lens that covers a wide range of focal lengths.

It has optical image stabilization and produces sharp images. The Tamron 28-75 F2.8 lens is also a good all-purpose lens, but it has a wider aperture which allows for more light to enter the camera. This means that you can get better low light performance with the Tamron lens.

However, the Sony lens is lighter and smaller, making it more portable.

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Sony 24-70 F4 Vs Tamron 28-75 F2.8



If you’re a Sony shooter and in the market for a standard zoom lens, you’re probably wondering whether to go for the Sony 24-70 F4 or the Tamron 28-75 F2.8. Both lenses are popular options, but which one is right for you? In terms of specs, the Sony 24-70 F4 is a bit lighter and smaller than the Tamron 28-75 F2.8.

It also has a lower minimum aperture of F22 vs F16 on the Tamron. However, the Tamron lens has a slightly wider field of view and allows for closer focusing. In terms of image quality, both lenses are excellent performers.

The Tamron may have a slight edge in sharpness and overall image quality, but it’s really not enough to justify its higher price tag. So if you’re on a budget, the Sony 24-70 F4 is definitely the better option.

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